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Biotechnology Institute

of Galaxy Educare Concepts

We are Offering Quality Training/Projects for Rs. 5000/- Only.Also Introducing HPLC training  and many more for enhancement of your career.
Biotechnology Wet Lab:
Laminar Air flow, Autoclaves, BOD shaker, incubator,cooling centrifuge,electrophoresis apparatus,UV transilluminator, blotting apparatus,UV spectrophotometer,double distillation unit,soxhlet apparatus,chromatographic units ,PCR etc.
Plant tissue/Animal Tissue culture labs:
Laminar flow hood, B.O.D incubator, shakers & various culture racks.
Class room:
Well furnished A.C classroom with audio visual seminar room.
Bio-informatics lab:
Flat screen latest computers, twenty four hours high speed internet connectivity with advanced softwares like Discovery studio, Autodoc, CLC main workbench, Bioedit, Phylip package etc.
Library Facilitaty for  students with latest collection of books and scientific journals.        

Analytical Lab:Vis-UV-Spectrophotometer, PCR &

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)

We have introduced  H.P.L.C. System of Shimadzu with autosampler to evaluate the quality of formulated products, impurity profile ,active pharmaceutical ingredients,water testing,Herbal testing ,Cosmetic testing,food testing and many more in the analytical field of testing .If you would like to learn the basics of analytical techniques with HPLC, join our hands to train you on this specific project and make your CV strong.


We are confident that our students will excel in their professional life with their innovative ideas and scientific research and make our country proud in the international level.
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