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Biotechnology Institute

of Galaxy Educare Concepts

We are Offering Special Training/Projects for Rs. 5000/- Only.
Currently Research is going on in our Laboratory in consultation with our dedicated faculty and PhD Adviser/ Scientist.You can choose your topic of Research and contribute your findings / innovation to the well being of living beings.
Research on Isolation, production, purification of insulin by recombinant DNA Technology by using E.Coli and Yeast as a Vector from different animal sourses(Pig and goat,Pancreas and liver) and its comparative studies.
Research on Isolation...... FIBRINOLYTIC Enzymes
Isolation,production , purification, Assey and characterization of fibrinolytic enzymes(Nattokinase, Stretokinase and Urokinase) from bactrial sourses.
Research on Human Leukocyte Interferon
Production, purification to homogencity and initial characterization .
Research on purification of Human Interferon
Purification of Human Interferon -Alfa 2 from Recombinant E.Coli.
Research on Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel fuel production from Algae and renewable energy.
Research on clonal propagation.....
Clonal propagation and cultivation of important Indian Medicinal plants.
Research on Detoxification of Toxic Heavy Metals......
Detoxification of Toxic heavy metals by Marine and fresh water bacteria, highly resistant to mercury, Pb and other heavy metals.
Genomics Analysis...... Cancerus Gene.
Genomics analysis by RFLP and RAPD of cancerus gene and sequencing using PCR Techniques.